The Nepal Initiative was established by four friends with a shared passion for helping Nepal, particularly in relation to education and children’s welfare. We act as an umbrella organisation providing funding to projects and causes that we believe will have a meaningful positive impact on those in need in Nepal, including: 

  • Sponsoring the education of underprivileged and vulnerable children
  • Supporting the construction of new schools and libraries in remote villages
  • Coordinating medical missions to provide basic healthcare services in remote areas
  • Providing emergency support to rural communities as needed

We welcome support in any form: donations are of course important, but we also love to give people the opportunity to make other contributions, for example as mentors or healthcare providers.


Paul photo

Suman Khadka

James Dauman

Charlotte Dauman

Paul Winslow

Suman is a full-time Change Maker and Environmental & Youth Activist. He has been actively involved in different charitable initiatives and social activities for the improvement of society, as well as advocating and campaigning for environmental issues. His passion is to change the social and economic the condition of poor in needy people in a sustainable way. He believes that “Small acts multiplied by millions of people can change the world.”

James is a rum entrepreneur and corporate finance advisor based in Abu Dhabi. He has been involved with several charitable initiatives in Nepal since he first visited in 2010, and is excited to have established The Nepal Initiative with Charlie, Paul and Suman to provide a platform for long-term, sustainable support for the country.

Charlie is a qualified primary school teacher and marketing executive with a passion for education and philanthropy. She has been a regular visitor to Nepal since 2012 and has developed close relationships with a number of organisations focused on delivering sustainable improvements to education in the country. 

Paul is the Chief Marketing Officer of Aspire42 Group in Melbourne. He was invited to Nepal by a friend to help with relief work after the 2015 earthquake and met Suman as they toured the country distributing food to remote villages. The experience left a big impact on him. James was his erstwhile centre-half partner on various football pitches, and they teamed up to dream up The Nepal Initiative. As with the football, James does most of the work.